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Application/Important OOC Info

Teal Deer ApplicationCollapse )

Class Title: Goblin Cleric

InventoryCollapse )

Job: History of Evil Teacher. Salary: 10,000HL/day

Rooming Assignment: Room 108 (w/ Orpheus)

Summon 2nd Journal Entry

[ Private; Unhackable]

...She actually did it.

She actually did it and it passed.

That was unexpected, but I think I can use this to my advantage. It would be good to have a more powerful ally to call on in this situation.

[ Public ]

Asuka... Cranekick, was it? These status screens are so handy. It's almost a shame we don't have them in D&D. I saw that your bill passed. Congratulations. Are you planning on taking one of the new Welcome Wagon positions?

And a notice to my students: The recent traps that have surfaced in the castle will not be considered a legitimate excuse for tardiness or absences.

Summon 1st Journal Entry

Last time I checked the rules, Plane Shift was a Touch-ranged spell and seeing as I don't recall just being touched, I'm going to assume that either somebody is blatantly cheating or they've homebrewed something behind my back. Since I'm fairly certain that Xykon doesn't know Plane Shift and isn't quite bored enough to send me on an interdimensional jaunt as a prank, I can only assume that this the work of an enemy, possibly someone determined to take back Azure City. I don't know why they thought this would work: Plane Shift is right there on the list of Cleric spells, I'd be gone a day at most.

Unfortunately for them, I prepared Plane Shift this morning, so all it'll take is—

Where's my Plane Shift? This is not what my spell list is supposed to look like. Wait a minute, this is the wrong kind of RPG!

I realize that we're not really big on respecting the fourth wall around here, but isn't a Game Shift spell going a bit far? Honestly, this comic is supposed to be about D&D. Changing the game flies right in the face of everything this comic was built on! There had better be a cut-away panel to the protagonists jumping over a shark involved in this! I swear, if I had an agent, there would be words.

*Sigh* I suppose I might as well try and make the best of this. Better start with a Gather Information check. Probably won't even get to take 20 on it.